iTEL Phones price in Kenya

iTEL phones price in Kenya start at Ksh 1,999. Get iTEL phones on discount and best prices in the market. iTEL is one of the best smartphone manufacturer known for manufacturing quality, durable, and affordable smartphones.

Itel smartphones Pricelist in Kenya

Itel smartphones prices in Kenya are available here and all our Itel phones are on offer. The major Itel phones Itel A family, Itel  S family and Itel P family are available in our store and at discount. Why pay more?.

Best Itel mobile phone for Sale in Kenya

Best Itel mobile phone for sale are exclusively found at smartphones Kenya and on offer. Buy now Itel phones at discount at our store and pay cash on delivery or lipia polepole but pick up on completion of payment with zero percent interest.

Itel pricelist at Smatika Nairobi Kenya.

Itel  It2160 Ksh.1,450
Itel 5606 Ksh. 1,499
Itel 5081 Ksh.1,899
Itel 5626 Ksh.2,399
Itel A14 Ksh.4,500
Itel A23 pro Ksh.4,999
Itel A37 Ksh.7,500

History of Itel phone Manufacturer in Kenya.

Itel Mobile is a Chinese-based mobile phone manufacturer company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Its products are mainly sold in Zimbabwe and some parts of Africa, South Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The firm was founded by Lei Weiguo and Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Co Limited in March 2014.

itel is an entry-level and reliable mobile phone brand for everyone. Adopting “Join·Enjoy” as its brand philosophy, its mission is to provide budget-friendly mobile communications technology to everyone.

It democratizes technology by giving entry to technology and connectivity to consumers without prior access to it, allowing them to get closer and benefit from their social connections.

itel has a product portfolio of smartphones, tablets, and feature phones. After years of development, itel has expanded its presence in around 50 emerging markets globally.

African Business, an authoritative business magazine in Britain, has ranked itel 17th in the 2018/2019 TOP 100 MOST-ADMIRED BRANDS IN AFRICA ranking

The phone is great for first-time Android users or people who just want a phone that can fulfill their basic needs without breaking the bank.

Advantages of Itel Phones

  • Friendly Price
  • Long lasting battery
  • Most of Itel phones supports Dual SIM
  • You have two options to choose between a smart phone or Kabambe

Factors to consider when buying Itel Phones

  • Camera
  • RAM
  • Display
  • Processor
  • Storage capacity
  • Battery capacity
  • Operating system
  • Price
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