Kids tablets in Kenya

Kids tablets in Kenya are available at Smartphones Kenya on discount and at the best market prices from Ksh 5,999 and we deliver countrywide. Our kids tablets also support zoom and are educative and easy to use.

The following are some of the factors to consider when purchasing a kids tablet for your in Kenya in 2023:

Age: Consider your child’s age and make sure the tablet you purchase is acceptable for their age group. Some tablets are intended for younger children, while others are intended for bigger children.

Durability: Because children may be tough on their toys, you should look for a robust tablet made to survive drops and spills. Some Tablets like Lenosed K14 and Bebe 2040  with reinforced edges and scratch-resistant displays are ideal.

Parental controls: Parental controls are necessary to guarantee that your kid uses the tablet securely and responsibly. Look for tablets with strong parental controls like those with IWAWA Apps, such as the ability to set time restrictions, restrict access to certain applications, and monitor your child’s behavior.

Educational content: If you’re looking for a tablet for educational reasons, check for tablets that come pre-loaded with instructional programs and games. These may assist your youngster in learning as they play, This is not a problem as most of our Kids tablet comes with preinstalled educational Apps.

Battery life: Because children may spend hours on their tablets, you should ensure that the gadget has a good battery life. You should always go for A kids tablets that can hold battery for more than 3 hours on a single charge

Storage space: Consider how much storage space your kid will want for applications, games, and other stuff. Look for tablets that provide expandable storage, such as a microSD card port.

Finally, think about your budget. Kids’ tablets may vary in price from very low to fairly high, so select a tablet that falls within your budget while still fulfilling your demands.

Latest and cheapest Kids tablet price list and features in Kenya 2023

Kids Tablets Price in Kenya
7” Unitel U23 4/64GB Ksh 5,999
7”Iconix C703 1/16GB Ksh 6,999
7”Smart 2030 1/16GB Ksh 6,999
7” Lenosed A74 3/32GB Ksh 7,999
8”Lenosed K14 4/128GB Unbreakable screen Ksh 8,999
8”Bebe b88 prime 4/128GB unbrekable Ksh 9,500
10” Bebe 2040 4/64GB Unbreakbale screen Ksh 10,999
10” Bebe 2050 4/64GB Unbreakbale screen Ksh 11,999
10” Lenosed Note 3 4/128GB Ksh 11,999


Which tablet is best for kids study?

Lenosed K14, Bebe 2040/2050 Pro are good for children of all ages and are durable.

What is the use of tablet for kids?

Kids tablets are used for both entertainment and learning and will keep your children busy while learning.

Where can I get kids tablet fro sale in Nairobi Kenya?

This kids tablets are available in our store and for discounts.

Are tablets good for 2 year olds, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old?

Yes, our latest kids tablet are good since they have educational materials installed in them.

How much is Kids tablet cost in Kenya?

Kids tablest price depends on the size and quality and price starts from as low as Ksh 5,999 to ksh 11,999. All this ranges are available at smartphones Kenya.

Kids’ tablets’ Pros:

Educational: Kids’ tablets frequently include pre-installed educational programs like zoom and games to help children learn.

Entertainment: Kids’ tablets provide games, films, e-books, and creative applications.

Parental controls: Many kids’ tablets include powerful parental controls that help parents monitor their child’s behavior, set time restrictions, and block unsuitable material.

Portability: Kids’ tablets are lightweight and convenient to carry for lengthy car journeys or holidays.

Durability: Many kid-friendly tablets can tolerate drops and spills.

Kids’ tablets Cons:

Screen time: Children tablest may cause too much screen time, which is bad for their mental and physical health.

Security risks: Kids’ tablets maybe susceptible to cyberattacks, so parents must take care to safeguard them.

Limited functionality: Kids’ tablets are mostly less powerful than adult tablets and may not be able to execute some advanced functions.

Addiction: its subject overuse which leads to addiction.

Health: They may make children lazy and hence increase obesity.

In conclusion, kids’ tablets have numerous advantages, but parents must be aware of the drawbacks and guarantee safe and responsible usage.

Watch below a video on how to protect your child in the era of the internet

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