Televisions in Kenya are available here at a discount at the best market prices. We have LG TVs, SONY TVs, SAMSUNG TVs, VITRON TVs, HISENSE TVs, TCL TVs, SKYWORTH TVs, and more.

 19-inch TV’s price in Kenya

Smartika Online offers you different types of 19-inch at a discount price. We have varieties of TV’s like CTC, Super Sonic and many more.

Cheapest 22-inch TV’s

There are a variety of 22  inches televisions, the cheapest is 7,999 only at Smatika Kenya. A 22-inch Tv quality gives you more viewing area and the quality of the picture is better than the smaller TV. It can also be used as an extra television and can also fit almost any size of room.

Best price on 24-inch TVs

We also have 24-inch TV’S like Vitron, Sonar ,TCL and many others .24 inch Televisions have a compact size that are excellent for use in small spaces like bedrooms and kitchens. This makes it easy to move if from one place to another if you need to. You won’t find 4K resolution on these 22 inched TVs, But you can get excellent picture quality from Full HD options.

32 inch TV’s best price in Kenya

The 32 inches Televisions are placed under two categories, the digital TV and the smart TV.

The smart TV does not need a decorder to operate. It can also be connected to the internet and apps like YouTube and Netflix are already installed.

The digital TV needs to use a decorder.

This also applies to the 43inches TV and all other high end televisions.

Best price on 43 inch TV’s

Just like the 32 inches Tv’s ,43 inch Tv’s are also placed under two categories, the digital TV and the smart TV.

Cheapest Smart Tv goes is Vitron 32 inch Smart android and goes for 15,999 at your favorite online site Smartika.

A smart Tv enables you to connect television in an internet and helps you to use apps like BBC iPlayer, Netflix ,YouTube and many other apps. They also offers ability to connect to some wireless devices like smartphones.

On the other side, Digital Tv’s are devices that requires you to use a decoder where you can’t control much you just have to change the channel  and wait for your favorite program.

Best price on 55 inch TV’s

Shop with Smartika Kenya to get good Tv’s of high quality and a friendly price. We have varieties of  different brands 55 inch , Sony, LG, Hisense, Vitron, TCL, Samsung, CTC, and many others

55 inch tv Description at Smartika Kenya

  1. Pro Crystal cessor 4K Picture Engine
  2.  UHD 8 series
  3. 3,840 x 2,160 Resolutions
  4. Boundless Design
  5. Support Wi-Fi Connectivity
  6. Supports Bluetooth Headset

Television pricelist at Smatika Nairobi Kenya.

CTC HD 22 inch Digital HD LED Ksh.6,499
Vitron HD 22 inch LED Digital Ksh.7,499
Vitron HD 24 inch LED Digital Ksh.9,500
CTC 24 inch Digital Ksh.9,500
Vitron 32 inch HD LED Digital Ksh.11,499
Amtec 32 inch Digital LED Ksh.11,999
Vitron 43 inch smart android tv Ksh.22,999

Advantages of Television

  1. They are big platforms for knowledge increase.
  2. Are the cheapest form of entertainment.
  3. Great source of exposure.
  4. One gets to learn about ongoing activities and news worldwide.
  5. Variety of information available through TVS.
  6. Good for family bonding.
  7. Spreads medium information to large people.

Factors to Consider when buying a TV

  1. Size

When buying a TV, it is most important to consider the it’s size. The size of the TV should should blend well with the size of the room. A small room should have a small TV, similarly, a big TV is ideal for a big space. One should consider their comfort while watching TV and avoid eye straining or too much light.

2. Type of the TV

In the world that we are living in now, the most popular type of TV is the curved screen and flat-screen. All of this have their benefits and individual specifications, example are the Samsung, Sony and LG have great resolution and color.

3. Quality of the picture

The 4K and 8K TV’s are the ones bought the most in the market because people want to watch their favorite shows, movies or series in high quality pictures. Brands like LG have QLED and OLED TV’s that are loaded with high contrast and color accuracy to make sure you enjoy your view.

4. Sound

The sound is also one of the major factors to consider. Most televisions have standard sound quality, but if one wants to take the experience to another level, a TV with a powerful sound is highly needed. One needs to invest in a TV that has a good quality sound if they don’t want to use an external sound output.

5. Resolution

When the resolution is high, it means that the quality of the picture too will be high. The 4K resolution has 4000 pixels. The images here look like real life.

6. Price

Everybody considers this factor while looking for a good quality item. Smartika offers a variety of prices to choose from.

This is another point to be considered by most people .The good news when buying a TV is that TV’s are available at most budgets therefore, at the end of the day you will get a TV according to your budget.

7. Technology

Nowadays, having a smart Tv, is considered to be a need. Rather than the old days when it was luxury. Smart TV’s are able to connect to the internet and some have apps like Netflix and YouTube. The good thing about smart TV’s is that one can comfortably use it without a decoder.

The smart TV’s also come in handy because their shape make it easy for them to be mounted on walls. Companies like LG have given more advanced and exciting  functions on their high end Televisions. One of it is the voice control. This makes it easy for on to customize their TV.

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