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Redmi Phones price in Kenya

Redmi phones price in Kenya starts at Ksh 9,999. Get Xiaomi redmi phones at a discount and the best prices in the market. Xiaomi Redmi is a smartphone manufacturer known for manufacturing notably good, durable, and affordable Android smartphones.


Redmi is a sub-brand owned by the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi. It was first announced in July 2013 as a budget smartphone line and became a separate sub-brand of Xiaomi in 2019 with entry-level and mid-range devices while Xiaomi itself produces upper-range and flagship Mi phones. Redmi phones use Xiaomi’s MIUI user interface on top of Android.

Models are divided into the entry-level Redmi, the mid-range Redmi Note, and the high-end Redmi K. In addition, the unrelated Mi A Android One series is also positioned in a similar market segment with Redmi devices, despite being part of the upper-range Xiaomi Mi lineup.

The most significant difference from other Xiaomi smartphones is that they use less-expensive components and thus have lower prices while retaining higher specifications.

In August 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that in the second quarter of the 2014 fiscal year, Xiaomi had a market share of 14% of smartphone shipment rankings in China. Redmi sales were attributed as a contributing factor toward this gain in shipment rankings

Why Xiaomi Redmi phones are the best in Kenya market

Xiaomi’s Redmi phones are becoming very popular in the entry level segment. It is because the Redmi phones are offering high hardware and software specifications at very competitive prices.

The camera quality of these phones is also very good at the price point.

You have a wide choice of Redmi models for every budget between Ksh 5k to 15k.

Xiaomi Phones have the best battery backup. It is possible just because of the huge battery capacity and out-of-the-box optimization techniques. On a 4000mAh battery, a 5-inch Redmi 3s phone can run around 24 hours and sometimes even more without battery consuming apps like Facebook and Instagram.

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