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A Home theatre  is a set of appliances in the home that provides an entertainment which is composed by a large television with video components and  an audio system system offering sound.

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Available Home Theatre brands  include Sony, LG , Home Star, Amtec ,Vitron ,Royal Sound ,Sayona ,JTC ,Nunix , Hisense and many others.

Home theater pricelist at Smatika Nairobi Kenya

AILYONS ELP2507 Multimedia KSh.2,499
Ampex 3 12000W Subwoofer KSh.5,500
Royal Sound 2 ch subwoofer KSh.5,500
Homestar HS 1080 woofer Ksh.5,999
Sayona SHT 1157BT Subwoofer KSh.7,500
JTC J 801 Pro sub woofer KSh.7,999
Amtec AM 006 15000W X Bass KSh43,999

Types of home theater audio systems

There are four main types of home theater audio systems:

1.Home theater in a box system:

This home theater has an A/V receiver, speaker, inputs and outputs, remote control, speaker set and necessary wires to help in connecting your device.

Option features like a DVD player, Bluetooth technology, Blu-ray player, multi-room audio capabilities or Wi-Fi enabled may be included.

It may also include optional features like a DVD player, Blu-ray player, Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi enabled, or multi-room audio capabilities.

Pros of Home theater in a box system

  • Offers more speakers.
  • High quality of sound.
  • Gaming experience is incredible
  • They are easily compatible
  • Friendly price.

2.Sound Bar:

It is a device with multiple speakers which are used with television sets, computers and MP3 players. Sound bars come in different shapes and sizes, from thick and slim models and large and small.

  • Friendly price
  • Compatible size
  • Operates very simple.
  • Good and spacious sound image.
  • Most comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for streaming purposes.

3.Component System:

This one is the type of system, made up of five components. It has network, hardware, software, database and people.

4.Component Separate:

This consists of components one can buy depending on their budget, taste and needs.

Advantages of Home theater

  • Saves money
  • Comfortable and convenience.
  • Increases value of your home.
  • Good atmosphere at your home.
  • Movies are better at watching from home.

Points to consider when buying a Home theatre

  • The System type.
  • Size of the system.
  • Your Room
  • Budget
  • Sound quality.
  • Amplifier capabilities.
  • Streaming devices
  • Price range
  • Speakers and wattage

1. Your Room

Just like a TV, the home theater also needs to match with the room. A big home theater for a big room and a small home theater for a small room.

Benefits of having a Home Cinema Room

  • Helps in watching shows on big screens.
  • Touch for luxury
  • Helps you to watch full film.
  • Enables one to customize the space.
  • Helps you to have total control over it.
  • Creates ultimate video game experience.
  • Supports complete comfort and Convenience.
  • Provide ideal entertainment for the family.
  • Supports to boost property value.

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