Lipa mdogo mdogo phones in Kenya

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Lipa mdogo mdogo phones in Kenya

Smartphones Kenya, Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phones in Kenya services aims to enable Kenyans to purchase phones via Patabay lipa polepole method with zero percent interest.

Unlike loan or Safaricom lipia polepole methods, the long-term cost of these devices remains the total amount required to buy directly from a shop like cash purchases and the only downside is you pick the item or device upon completion of payment.

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Lipa mdogo mdogo phones in Kenya and smartphones

What to consider when buying an item via lipia pole pole

  1. The total cost of acquiring the device through Lipa mdogo mdogo phones in Kenya

The Patabay lipa polepole is like cash purchases as you won’t pay over the odds to get a phone or an electronic device. The lipa later and Safaricom methods have interest and therefore you will pay more or sometimes twice the amount of the phone in the current market.

Lipa mosmos is used by the likes of Patabay Kenya Livemall, Smartphones Kenya, and many more merchants

  • The payment periods

The payment period ranges from one month to one year and the longer the period the higher the cost for the loan but for Patabay lipa pole pole payment option is save to buy where the customer saves for a period of say 3 months and pick the item upon completion of payment without any additions or change of price.

Our Lipa mosmos platform is secure and like a bank and it’s used by major merchants like Smartphones Kenya, Patabay

  • Safety and Security of the platform of the Lipa mdogo mdogo phones in Kenya

Is the platform where you are buying safe and secure? In our case we use Lipa mosmos the most secure platform trusted by many customers in Kenya. We won’t handle your money until after completion of payment.

Smatika lipia pole pole method how it works

  • To reserve a phone Lipa mdogo mdogo and Lipa Later: Visit
  • Search and Identify the phone
  • Then choose lipia polepole button on the website instead Buy now
  • Fill the form and select the period
  • Deposit like Ksh 500
  • Then you are good to go with lipa mdogo mdogo

Advantage of Smatika lipa mdogo mdogo phones

  • No Interest since its not a loan
  • Its save to purchase phone and you get your money back if you change your mind
  • No default problem or CRB Listing
  • Its cheaper in the Long run compared to Safaricom lipa mdogo mdogo since some loans you pay twice the item cost.
  • Anyone can join lipia mdogo mdogo

For smartphones Kenya you can use our phones on any carrier and you won’t be restricted on Sim card as some unlike other lipia mdogomdogo providers who sell phones which don’t accept other carriers in the phones they sell to its customers.

Lipa mdogo mdogo phones in Kenya

Internet and Technology serve many needs, it has an immense value to many uses and advantages like entertainment and human interactions. The potential for the internet to transform many lives is huge yet for a majority of Kenyans the high cost of purchasing phone has always been a hinderance that’s why we partnered with Patabay to bring you phones on lipia polepole payment method.

Cash on delivery payment option

You can also buy our products on cash basis and get discount and pay on delivery country wide within one day. Call text WhatsApp 0711115565

Kids tablets on offer available here from Ksh 4,999

Shop safe. pay on delivery country wide. Need more information chat with us or call 0711114001

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